Welcome to the new Words Beyond Content!

Welcome to the new Words Beyond Content!

By Craig Landes on April 5, 2019 in Brand

I am thrilled to announce the formation of Words Beyond Content.

Businesses of all sizes are looking for words to fill the void and capture attention. These days, words, images, video – all the stuff that fills up the internet – is categorized as “CONTENT.”

With the internet’s insatiable appetite for content, most companies find a massive signal-to-noise problem. How do you make your story the one people read?

That’s where Words Beyond Content comes in. You want to explain what you do and tell your story in a clear, compelling way.

For years I didn’t really think what I did was anything special. I wrote stuff and people read it, understood it, liked it – whatever. It’s a requirement of the educational system. Everybody writes, right?

As a kid, I read. A lot! There were two libraries in metro Phoenix where my mom would take me, and every two weeks or so, I would come home with a massive stack of books, read them and then go back for more. In third grade, I won a prize for a (very brief) bit of fiction called “Super Pickle!” I also remember a time when we were supposed to as a class come up with a story about two dogs – I kind of took over the process.

Still, I continued on in grade school, into high school, not thinking much about my reading habit and the writing I had done as a wee lad. In college, professors would occasionally comment – things like “very readable!” It wasn’t until I became a TA in grad school that I realized “very readable” meant “you wouldn’t believe the crap I have to slog through to get to something readable!”

Looking back on it, I finally get it. Good writing is a gift. I’ve served as a writer, editor, managing editor and communications director. I’ve written for small-town newspapers and national publications.

Sometimes my role has been marketing, sometimes journalist, sometimes sales. I was even a pastor a lifetime ago. Whatever the role, written communication was always the strength.

Words Beyond Content is the culmination of 20+ years working with small businesses, enterprise level companies, non-profits and everything in between.

Need a gifted communicator to get your message out? CONTACT ME today.

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